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75-min. Reiki & ThetaHealing Gift Card

$180.00 - $200.00
75-min. Reiki & ThetaHealing Gift Card

A unique combination of Reiki & ThetaHealing allows you to dive deeper into hardwired thought patterns and belief systems that may be running interference with your intentions. It’s a relaxing way to gain clarity from the noise of everyday life. Each session is intuitively designed to:

• Provide psychic perspective from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Energy Body
• Align you with your Soul’s purpose
• Clear your energetic space
• Realign your energy centers
• Ground you into your body
• Guide you towards self-connection
• Encourage self-love and awareness
• Train your mind to hold a meditative brainwave
• Relieve chronic stress and anxiety
• Regenerate health and vitality

Recommended for: first timers, focus on specific subjects.

Digital copies available.